“The single snap makes changing the inserts slightly faster. Additionally, because the interior of the diaper includes front and back flaps, I do not have to worry about the back of the inserts moving around inside the cover because the flaps hold the inserts securely in place. The Borrowed Planet all-in-two cover also offers double leg gussets and two layers of PUL fabric throughout the body of the diaper.”

“I am extremely pleased with my all-in-two cloth diaper cover and inserts from Borrowed Planet. The cover is less expensive than comparable covers, and the natural fiber inserts are priced similarly to other brands, making the all-in-two a fairly economical option. My favorite features of the cover include the double leg gussets, the snap-in inserts, and the front and back interior flaps.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 5.43.53 PM

By far though,  my favorite part about this diaper is the double leg gusset. It really helps to keep in any, er… unpleasantness. 😉 Dad also liked that part, as we had a particularly nasty diaper change at one point while using this diaper.


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